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Hermione rapidly wiped his memory of what they had discussed with him, and then blasted a hole through the floor to facilitate the trio's escape, engineering it so that the Death Eaters saw that Harry was indeed there, thus ensuring that neither Xenophilius nor Luna were punished for lying, and so that neither saw Ron, who was supposed to be at home sick with spattergroit. She also wears a beetle ring. Luna also met and became a friend of Ginny Weasleywho was in the same year as her. Luna witnessed Harry Potter 's final defeat of Lord Voldemort and was among the first to congratulate him. He thought the Daily Prophet was an awful paper, and only published stories that he thought were important and needed to be known by the public. Luna thought Rubeus Hagrid was a poor teacher, saying that the students in Ravenclaw thought him to be a bit of a joke, and that she preferred Professor Grubbly-Plank. Shortly before going to sacrifice himself during the Battle of HogwartsHarry noted that Luna was among his closest friends, whom he had hoped to see one last time before his death.

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It can be assumed that she was horrified when Neville was set on fire because of his defiance of the Dark Lord.

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Luna Lovegood From Harry Potter Is Going Out With Harry's Dad IRL. OMFG.

Luna sat at the same table as Harry, Hermioneand Ron. Hogwarts Quidditch Commentator —? Xeno attempting to hand Harry Potter over to the Death Eaters. Luna also didn't wear shoes because students in her house would take her shoes and hide them. He could have easily picked it up somewhere and think it's a cross section of the head of a Crumple-Horned Snorkack or something; I don't know what they are, but apparently he and his daughter go on holiday looking for them; That's her.

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luna lovegood dating harrys dad
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luna lovegood dating harrys dad


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