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And then this weird equation pops up. The age gap definitely had some perks: Dating someone older taught me a ton about myself and what I want in a relationship. Compatibility criteria apply. Today was unbelievably exciting as Committed launched our very first podcast. As Klapow tells me, this may be the perfect remedy if you feel tired of your age group, or stuck, plateaued, or bored. If your social circles are made up of people who are older than you, then you'd likely do well with an older partner.

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But, generally, if you are dating someone older, they should be more stable.

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10 Things To Expect When Dating An Older Man

But, as the memes say: It didn't end up working out but I am definitely grateful for what I learned along the way. There's a lot to consider about dating someone who's older than you are, because your relationship may need some added communication to bridge the age gap. Often younger people have less queer trauma. Submit your question. And then you have to deal with all the haters.

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can dating someone older work
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can dating someone older work
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can dating someone older work
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